Ridley McIntyre is a London-born writer, playwright, digital photographer and history enthusiast who now lives in New Jersey. He is the author of Year of the Rat, and co-writer, with Chrissy McIntyre, of the British-style pantomime comedies Robin Hood, Last Chance Saloon and Gadzooks!.

When not delving into the seedier side of future human existence, he writes and directs British-style pantomimes for local theater, is an avid fan of the New York Football Giants and caters to the every whim of a crazy dog named after Miss Elizabeth Bennet.

Year of the Rat, the collected trilogy of short stories set in a cyberpunk future, is now available on Amazon for Kindle download and in Paperback.

“Shi Zhongxin. The Manhattan Outzone. The Year of the Rat. Boy Eastman, cyberspace hacker, is coaxed out of retirement by his old friend Kreskin the Fixer to do one more job against his former employer, Madoka. Now Boy has been targeted by the Vijayanta corporation, who need him to find their missing artificial intelligence, Ghostdancer. His new boss, Sarah Faraji, brings him home to the Red Zones of Thames-Midland. Old wounds and new scars are about to collide and Ghostdancer may be hiding in the most painful place of all…”

Also available on Amazon Kindle are the three short stories that make up Year of the Rat.