Hello. My name is Ridley McIntyre. And I have a confession to make.

A long time ago, before much of this internet was even born, and blogging was but a twinkle in the eye of Usenet N00bs, I used to write science fiction for fun, and I loved it. After a time, I sort of moved away from it to pursue other avenues of expression – girls, playing bass in a gothic rock band, dancing my arse off at all-night goth industrial dance parties, and eventually calming down, growing up a little and getting married. There’s a lot to be said about doing those last few things. Firstly, they allow you to look back at the girls, gigs and goth nights days with fondness, something sorely lacking at the time they were being lived. Also, they allow you to see and live the kinds of experiences that 24 hour party people hardly even notice. More than anything, it allows you to take that nostalgia, grab it by the balls and force it to do something for you.

In my case, a strange convergence of influences has crept toward me and I’m feeling inspired once again. Once upon a time, I wrote a series of short cyberpunk works described as The Year of the Rat stories, set in one possible near-future. Many of them were published online in an early netzine called Intertext, and in various different forms over Usenet newsgroups, most prominently alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo. One was even nominated for an eSpace Best of 1996 award.

So, nearly 20 years after I created that world, I find myself inspired by the convergence of goth, punk, anime, early science fiction, Victoriana, Dieselpunk and the Golden Age of Sci Fi to create a new world, and I am compiling my ideas and influences here, for the reader to see and comment upon. A world I’m calling, for now, Koreshan.

The first novel set in Koreshan, “The Revenant Strain”, is currently under review. “Boy: Year of the Rat Part 1” is now available, with two more short sequels (Monkeytrick and Ghostdancer) to follow.


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