Hi! Welcome to the webspace of Ridley McIntyre – a London-born writer, playwright, digital photographer and history enthusiast residing in the leafy climes of New Jersey. He is the author of  the novella Year of the Rat – A Cyberpunk Triptych, and co-writer, with Chrissy McIntyre, of the British-style pantomime comedies Robin Hood, Last Chance Saloon and Gadzooks!. He is an avid digital photographer who enjoys taking the everyday world around us and making it looks like a dystopian nightmare. His first photography exhibit was in summer 2017 as part of the South Orange and Maplewood Studio Tour, and he looks forward to more. His photography can be found on this site here.

When not delving into the seedier side of future human existence, he writes and directs British-style pantomimes for local theater, is an avid fan of the New York Football Giants and caters to the every whim of a crazy dog named after Miss Elizabeth Bennet.

Year of the Rat, the collected trilogy of short stories set in a cyberpunk future, is now available on Amazon for Kindle download and in Paperback.


Former cyberspace hacker Boy Eastman lives off the grid in the Manhattan Outzone. – he deals apps, has a kick-ass girlfriend and keeps his nose clean. But when Kreskin the Fixer blackmails him into one more job against his former employer, his online reappearance sparks a chain reaction –  now everyone wants a piece of Boy, and he’s going to need all the help he can get to survive. 

Meanwhile on a server farm in the mega-city of Thames-Midland, the artificial intelligence called Ghostdancer has hatched a plan to escape cyberspace for good, and she’s not going alone…

Reviews of Year of the Rat from Amazon.com

  • “Tightly written… McIntyre leads us along with clear love for his characters.”
  • “You will [be] taken down a road you never thought you’d travel and you’ll be glad you did. 5 stars.”
  • “The characters have depth and personality and the story is highly engaging – I literally didn’t put my kindle down until I finished each story. I’m amazed by Ridley McIntyre’s ability to create a complete world that feels and sounds real.”

Also available on Amazon Kindle are the three short stories that make up Year of the Rat.



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