Clocking into 2018

Happy Mid-Winter New Year! And soon it will be a Happy Lunar New Year as we enter The Year of the Dog on the Chinese Zodiac. I thought I’d talk a little about my closing projects as well as some upcoming writing projects.

Well, the crazy season is finally over. I’d like to thank everyone involved in Suburban Legend’s production of The Ghosts of Ghastly Manor, my 4th British Pantomime, co-written with the super-talented and gorgeous Chrissy McIntyre. Thanks to the hard work of the extraordinarily talented cast and crew we sold out 5 out of 7 performances, had a bucket-load of laughs, and managed to raise some money for local charities in the process. I already miss (as the kids say these days) my fam and can’t wait until we all get together again for a massive reunion.

And no, we really don’t know what we’re doing for next year, which is actually quite liberating.

I also wanted to thank everyone who came out to the opening of Shooting at Shadows, my first ever solo photography show at Gallery 103. I had a wonderful time talking to you all about my work and the odd thought processes that lead me to it. Even more fun is knowing that many of my prints have been adopted into safe and loving homes. Many, many thanks to you all for your kind words and criticisms both.

So I’ve had a little bit of a breather, and it’s time to get back to work on projects both new and in progress. The final review of Black Star is on the horizon, and work is about to begin on Year of the Tiger, a full length novel set 2 years after the events in Year of the Rat. My site will be changing a little as I intend to shift emphasis back to blogging again, which I really enjoyed, but simply ran out of time for over the last 2 years.

I’m looking forward to putting out a couple more short stories in a short anthology, too, and continuing to take weird-ass pictures that will appear here as well as the new British Pantomime. So for me, as I’m sure I’ll end December dog tired, it really will be the Year of the Dog. Hopefully, with a Year of the Tiger at the end to cap it off.



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