Dieselpunk Fashion Thursday: Post-Apocalyptic Rags

The term Dieselpunk has a variety of meanings, many of them a catch-all for speculative fiction set in a world or universe where the primary level of technology replicates the era between 1914 (the end of the Steam Age) and 1950 (the beginning of the Atomic Age). For some that means sharp suits and tweed dresses, or WW1/WW2 style military gear, and we have certainly covered that enough here on this blog. However, replicating the Diesel Era of our history does not necessarily mean that one should be restricted to gangsters and their molls – it’s worth remembering the speculative side, the sci-fi and fantasy side, and nothing fits the words “Diesel” and “Punk” like a good old-fashioned post-apocalyptic look. So I scoured the interweb for a while and found some interesting fashion shoots that might fit the bill and provide a little inspiration for you and me.

Of course, you may disagree completely. Do post-apocalyptic fashions belong in a Dieselpunk world? Let me know.

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